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This is YadPOT: An Aid to Creating Pages of Testimony

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Currently, YadPOT is still looking for a dedictated server, so this process is somewhat manual. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Several steps are required in order to upload your data:
  1. Complete Data FormPrint out this form (click here for a printer friendly version)

  2. Send Data FormFax the completed and signed form to
    (718) 535-7071


    mail it to
    P.O. Box 100496
    Brooklyn, NY 11210


    scan and email the form to

  3. Send Genealogy Software FileEmail (or snail-mail using a CD or DVD) your family tree file to the location above.

    Alternatively, you can upload it to the free website of your choice. Check out Google for some ideas.

  4. Send Picture FileEmail (or snail-mail using a CD or DVD) your external picture file folder, if applicable

    Alternatively, use the same upload method as above.


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